Orion and Running Man Mosaic

Camera: Starlight Xpress SXVF-H16 with FLI CFW-2-7 Filter Wheel

Mount: Losmandy G-11/Gemini

Scope: Astro-Physics Starfire AP130 EDF

Colors: L:R:G:B

Exposure Time: Approx. 10 hours total exposure time

Post-Production: MaxIm DL, CCDStack, PixInsight, and Photoshop CS3

This is a combination of new and old data. The M42 data were collected on a recent trip to Kanab, Utah to visit with my good friends Jerry and Cindy Foote. The Running Man Nebula data were collected a few months earlier. I decided to put it all together into a nice Mosaic. What an incredible area of the sky this is! A beautiful mixture of emission nebula and reflection nebula, with lots of dust mixed in. Sweet! The Great Nebula in Orion, also known as M42, is one of the most famous nebulae in the sky. The star forming region's glowing gas clouds and hot young stars are near the center of this mosaic that includes the bluish reflection nebulae NGC 1977 and friends on the upper left. Located at the edge of a giant molecular cloud complex, these beautiful nebulae represent only a small fraction of this galactic neighborhood's wealth of interstellar material. The Orion Nebula's estimated distance is 1,500 light-years

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